Gain full control over any device, from any maker.

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Key Features

On 1500+ real browsers and mobile devices

Test Local Environments

Test native and web applications workings, using a secured tunnel to connect to your backend services.

Work with Real Devices

View and fully control physical mobile devices in real time, test your application and generate a report. All directly from your browser.

App Development & Debugging

Connect the device to your local station and work from Android Studio or XCode. Profile your application using our built in device CPU, Memory and Network monitors.

Test Your Mobile Application

Install or build your application on a real device.
Interact with it, including gesture controls and device
sensors controls such as GPS, Camera, MIC and Speakers
or fingerprint reader.

Test & Fix Responsive Designs

See how your app looks on any device. Use your favorite tools to fix broken pages.

Simulate User Conditions

Recreate the issues your customers are complaining about, apply network and location conditions, collect device logs and generate reports to collaborate with team members.

Do more development, and less maintenance

Stop wasting precious team members time on setting up test labs