Build an end-2-end automation pipeline

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Key Features

A Complete Testing Environment on the Cloud

Forget about managing a huge pile of devices or operating systems and setting up local testing environments. Sign up and start testing on 1500+ real browsers and devices. We take care of everything for you.

Faster, Better Testing

Run tests in parallel on multiple devices of various makes and OS versions. Test your website on virtually any combination of browser and operating system possible. Catch each and every bug in order to make sure your app or website work smoothly on 100% device and browser coverage.

Test With Real Devices

Don't settle for emulators and simulators. Test on real device and browsers and see first hand what your users see and experience when using your app or website.

Run Your Automated Tests On Real Mobile Devices and Browsers

Eclipse Plugin allows you to integrate directly with the cloud and develop your automated tests straight from your favorite IDE.

Build. Test. Integrate

Don't push code unless it's tested. Trigger the crucial process of build-test-integrate whenever you introduce new features. integrates closely with CI/CD services such as Jenkins, Travis, circelci and more.

Run Your Automated Tests On Real Mobile Devices and Browsers

Develop and run Selenium and Appium tests on our top notch device and browser grid.

Real Devices

Real Browsers

Come Play in the Clouds

Develop, run and debug your existing Appium and Selenium tests on remotely located devices. Our cloud servers and infrastructure are waiting for you to come over and start testing your apps and mobile sites. It's easy, fun and fast.

Automate More, Work Less

Shift your time and energy towards delivering top notch apps